Manufacturing solutions

We have established we are quite agile and flexible so for us an A to Z process could mean many things depending on what our client prefers. We adapt. So let’s create and develop! The stages of our manufacturing solutions are listed below, take a look:

We develop designs based on your inspiration, creative ideas and samples. Our team of designers will guide you through a complete and creative theme and collection process. They are supported by a technical team with over 20 years of experience in translating designs into technical specifications and patterns. So you are in safe hands to get a full ‘à la carte’ or bespoke treatment.

Providing a dedicated design studio & sample room
Pattern Development
Meet our highly trained and qualified technical experts
Proudly delivering production capacity tailored to your needs
Operating a dedicated and flexible manufacturing plant.

Let’s talk Design

Our design studio and sample room offer proficient and flexible services in product design, CAD/CAM illustrations and prototypes creation. We are fully equipped for the development of both high-standard knit and woven materials.
To our corporate clients, we endeavour to continuously increase standards in top-quality corporate clothing, redefined by trend knowledge, quality garment assembly and superior customer service.
Both our in-house corporate design and production team offer dedicated advice and recommendations, tailored to your corporate identity.

Can you picture it?

Our highly trained and qualified technical experts can develop your first patterns, create a pattern from an existing specification, or make alterations to hard paper patterns. Using our on-site digitiser, patterns can be digitised into our state-of-the art CAD and CAM system. Our technical team works closely with you and the production department to ensure the prototype fits your original requirements. The team also revises your design to for your target retail price point.

Let’s talk numbers

A total of 145 highly trained professionals take care of you, your requirements and your products and its process.

CN Fashion is proud to be able to deliver a production capacity of 25 000 pieces per month. Our factories use modern and well-maintained sewing machinery such as Brother and Juki – often adapted to cope with the most complicated details.

We can deliver both on short and long notice, depending on your demand.

Let’s create

We have a very flexible production setup. We have our own manufacturing location in Macedonia where we produce clothing with a variety of fabrics. In addition to our own plant, we have an extensive network of reliable and high quality manufacturers, each specialised in a specific item or process. Thanks to this collaboration, CN Fashion has developed a cost-effective resource, which guarantees high quality finishing delivered in a time-sensitive manner.

Quality control is on top of our priority list. During the production process, we take care of each element of the quality control.

Keys to success

Honesty and transparency are key values for building an excellent relationship. That’s why we like to work out an A-Z production plan with you.

We also take care of the labelling and packaging. For transport, we work together with an experienced company to ensure your garments arrive on time and in good condition. We ship worldwide and master all the formalities around import duties and taxes.