We create, support and make your fashion, from A to Z.

Bespoke, in-house manufacturing

CN Fashion develops and produces top quality women’s, men’s and children’s clothing for private label customers worldwide.

In our production facilities we manufacture a wide range of outerwear, in various fabrics.

CN Fashion offers a complete solution comprising design, development and production. We guarantee a seamless service according to the strictest quality standards.

We are a Belgian B2B in fashion making high quality garments for private label customers.

Our tight-knit team

Our small leading team is based in Ghent, Belgium and this office forms the central point of our operations.

Our sampling production is based in Macedonia. A team of 10 highly trained professionals take care of all your sampling and surveil the highest at our own production lines.

Macedonia is a country with a lot of know-how in fashion and we like to optimise this opportunity by collaborating with some highly trained professionals and companies in a sustainable way.

Transport between Macedonia and Belgium is equally fluid and effective.