Who we are.

Our company

Three generations of experience and love for fashion have shaped CN Fashion into the agile production company it is today.

After the second world war, the Vaeremans family started producing corsets and high end lingerie, providing women all over Belgium and France with support while adding a fashionable element to the mix. Later on, the production evolved to prêt-à-porter and the process has been perfected ever since.
We have a vast knowhow in design, development and manufacturing and our focus was always to remain producing in Europe to ensure the highest quality while reducing our carbon footprint. A topic that has become all the more important in recent years.

So why choose us for your manufacturing needs?

We use several different processes according to each different product, for both small and large quantities.
We have our own in-house sample production and according to the specialty needed, we call upon the best producers in Eastern Europe with whom we have worked for year and all under the supervision of our own and strictest quality control.
Have a look at our manufacturing page for more information or reach out to us for a detailed explanation of how we can help you.

Our team
of professionals

We have deliberately chosen a young and passionate team that stays on top of things from A to Z for what our customers desire.

The team is led by Nathalie & Philippe. Nathalie is driving power behind all things management and HR whereas Philippe takes care of the operations management.

Agility is key.

Jersey (coupé-cousu), classic snit with impeccable ironing, 100% sustainable cotton, woven materials, plissé, smok, PAT fabrics, etc.

This list is non-exhaustive. Have a special project in mind? No worries, we can handle it! Reach out and let’s discuss how we can help you.